What is Digital Television?

Digital television or free view is free to air television broadcasts with state of the art viewing capability

Picture and audio quality is "as good as it gets " and is available in 4.3 and 16.9 widescreen formats.

Programs are broadcast in both high definition (best quality available) and standard definition.
Electronic program guides are available along with extra channels, no more watching only ch' 2, 7, 9,10 & sbs, now there are multiple channels broadcast, including sport, news and entertainment.

Will my current antenna receive Digital Television?

Your current antenna may well be compatible to receive digital tv, if however your television or set top box will not receive digital or loses signals or picture fragments/breaks up then it may be necesarry to upgrade your antenna for a digital ready type.

I have reception issues, what could be the problem?

It could be the tuning of your tv/set top, are you watching a local channel or a fringe channel?
ie:- you live on the gold coast and tuned to a gold coast transmitter but your channel may well be coming from a transmitter that is unwanted, like Lismore or mt Cootha.

It may be as simple as changing your antenna cord from the wall socket, your coaxial cable may not be of the correct type, 75ohms coaxial cable is what is needed and rg6 quad shield is recommended.

How can I receive Digital Television?

You will need at least a digital set top box which will connect to your existing analogue television set or a television set which has a digital tuner built in.

Do i need a booster/amplifier?

Sometimes an antenna system might need amplification or increased gain, this may be because the location of the dwelling is in a fringe area (bad reception area) or that there are multiple outlets within the property and the antenna alone is unable to provide enough signal strength for them all to function.
By installing a higher gain antenna or an amplifier/booster the gain may be increased to an acceptable level.

Should I get a licensed installer?

As with any trade experience counts!
Getting your electrician or mate to fix the problem may well work, for a little while at least, but does a perfect picture mean you have a good signal?
Will your picture remain that way after he has gone?
Unfortunately digital tv transmissions either work or they do not (unlike an analogue signal which progressively gets worse, digital is either perfect one moment and gone the next) this is due to the cliff edge efect.
Does your electician or mate understand this? Along with ber, mer, s/n ratio, post and pre viterbi, signal strength in dbu?
Further does he have a digital meter capable of reading these measurements and spectrum analyzing?
Your pictures may appear perfect when he has done the job but may dissapear soon after.
For your signals to work as good as possible it is advisable to employ an installer who has many years experience, is local to the area and is a licensed cabler.

When will analogue transmissions cease?

Analogue TV transmissions are no longer used in Australia; the only way to watch free to air TV reception is either by viewing via a digital set top box or through a digital TV.

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